About Us

INANLAR Sheet Metal Working Machinery was established by Mevlut Inan, who is still chamber of board of the company, in order to share the experience he got in different division of governmental companies in 1950. INANLAR started to manufacture hand scissors and hand tools when Turkish Industry was being established. Afterwards, it continued its production by manufacturing stamp press and armed shears and started to produce machines for industry.

INANLAR brand started to be famous in Turkish Market by its quality and stability in machinery field. In 1974, first press brake and shear which had 10 mm capacity was produced by INANLAR in Turkish Industry by merging its experience and knowledge. INANLAR started mass production of press brakes and shears and became INANLAR Incorporated Company. Till 1990s, Inanlar Inc. company filled the needs of Turkish industry with high experienced top management and engineers. In 1995, INANLAR started exporting its machines to more than 20 countries through its investments in the same year. INANLAR offers its products which are produced by using latest technology in 25.000 m2 modern factory and meets the world standards like TSE, ISO 9001:2000 and CE European Standards.

INANLAR Inc., which breaks new grounds all the time, produced the first 8 meters and 12 meters length guillotine shears and 14 meter 2000 ton hydraulic press brakes for Turkish Industry. INANLAR Inc., which reflects its quality and aesthetic to its products, has strong place in machinery sector. INANLAR Inc. produced all capacity of the machines which are still being produced in machinery field all around the world through its new investments and experience. Inanlar is the most chosen brand because of trust and stability are behind it.

In 1950, Inanlar was established,

In 1974, produced the first Guillotine Shear and the Press Brake with the capacity of 3 meters and 10 mm in Turkey,

In 1994, produced the first Adjustable Guillotine Shear with the capacity of 3 meters and 20 mm in Turkey,

In 1996, produced the first Guillotine Shear and Press Brake with the capacity of 6 meters and 16 mm in Turkey,

In 1998, produced the first Guillotine Shear with 8 meters and 12 mm in Turkey,

In 2001, produced CNC 8 meters and 800 ton tandem press  brake,

In 2004, Inanlar became a trademark in its sector all around the world

with the production of 12 meters and 16 mm guillotine shear and

14 meters and 2000 ton press brake.